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We have broad experience in Data Management and development, particularly in Real Estate and Marketing Data.

  • One Stop Source for Data Acquisition, Management & Utilization Training
  • Innovative Sourcing and Web Capture Capabilities.
  • Broad Experience and Knowledge in Data Availability


Commercial Real Estate Leasing Company (Client Name withheld by client request)

This client leases retail space across Southern California. They wanted a data set to reference for finding locations for their national clients such Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Old Navy, Staples... All current data was contained in binders and was unavailable to personnel from the field. Currency of data was also an issue. It was difficult to update the owner and rental information within the binders.  Data spanned 55 downtown and business districts from San Diego to Santa Barbara.

Data was gathered from 3 sources:

Internal information - Binders contained the current Lease Information, Rental Rates and Occupancy.

Assessor Records - Current Property owner, Property Size, last sales information, and Parcel Map. This data element is updated monthly for changes in ownership and annually for parcel map changes.

Survey information - All building fronts were photographed, Stitched into Panoramas and neighborhoods Tele-surveyed.

Software was developed and a database created which allows the client to view the information via their Company Intranet. The monthly change file is imported for new owner information and the tele-survey personnel enters the results of their inquiry (lease rate, square footage, current tenant...) via the data entry screen. Leasing agents can search for available properties via the neighborhood search, global search or clicking on maps or even photographs.

Vertical Market Consultant (Client Name and Market withheld by client request)

This client is an appraisal expert within a niche business market and wanted a national data set from which to generate industry averages and rates as well as to supplement appraisal reviews.

Data was gathered from:

InfoUSA - Supplier of business ownership, phone and address information and supplemented with data gathered from various web based directories.

DataQuick - Supplier of Property ownership and sales prices (Assessor Data)

Tele-Survey - Where possible business owner was called and surveyed for rates, specials, percent occupancy and number & sizes of units.

Tele-Shopping - When owner was unavailable or uncooperative, business were shopped for rates, sizes of units and occupancy.

 Direct management of the Tele- Survey and Shopping was necessary and this was a large portion of the project. The Database was developed with specific and global reporting capabilities. This was developed for a Microsoft SQL server. Click to see Gantt Chart for this project.

Title Company PDA Computing Project (Client Name withheld by client request)

This large Title Company wanted to give sales reps access to the Assessor data on property ownership from connected Palm PDAs from the anywhere in Los Angeles County. The resulting product allowed them to look up the address on the PDA and get current owner information and place requests for a wide variety of reports to be delivered via Fax or Messenger to Real Estate offices.

Total Health Enhancement Inc.

This Nutritional supplement company needed to develop a marketing database in several vertical markets (Equine, veterinary, longevity...) The data was either not available from normal sources or not economically feasible. Data was gleaned from internet directories and gathered into an CRM database. The data was cleaned and updated for proper postal addressing and mailings were done in groups. Protocols were established for the sharing of data with field sales reps. Personnel was trained in proper CRM methods and all mailing activities. 


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